Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Third Music Festival AVRTAN....

It is the third annual music festival AVRTAN , held in April that is underway  at the SM JOSHI FOUNDATION AUDITORIUM. the two .  the evening festival started off last night beginning with the jaipur atrauli singer PRIYADARSHINI KULKARNI with the not so commonly heard evening melody raga PURVI .

 A leisurely paced vilambit traditional bandish"Meai To Na Janu" brought about the fine nuances  of both the madhyam that captivated the houseful audience. the drut bandish another traditional one "chalo ri mai" and the tarana there after was a treat. this was followed by the jaipur atrauli hugely popular "sur sangata" in Tilak kamod  where the singer kept on pouring in large number of variations and short fast. taans. The concluding piece was yet another gharana raga Kafi kanada in which she presented two compositions in vilambit and drut teentaal. slowly but displaying the sombre mood of kanada she could bring out the kafi ang very beautifully and the concluding drut bndish "dar dar path path" was a sheer delight.Both Milind Pote on tabla and Rajeev Tambe on harmonium played superbly.

The concluding presentation had a long serious alap of Rageshree by the Pune based Dhrupad singer Uday Bhawalkar , a leading torch bearer of the Dagar vani style. presenting two compositions in Jhaptal and Sul taal the artist concluded with a dhammar in raga Kedar. Shukhad Munde was at his best with the accompaniment on the pakhwaj.

 The second and the concluding day of AVRTAN , 14 began as per schedule at 6.30 PM in a complete houseful of listeners with the sarod recital of the well instrumentalist pandit Biswajit Roy Chowdhury who is quite a familiar face in Pune having performed quite regularly over the years. Panditji began by a long alap, jod, jhala in raga Sham kalyan weaving  soothing patterns that drew a lot of appreciations  time to time from the audience. 

The concluding jhala part had some fast right hand strokes that made the young listeners clap repeatedly.this was followed by slow and fast compositions in raga Jhinjhoti both in Teentaal. frequent  exchanges between the sarod and tabla played by pt. Arvind Azad masterfully brought about thrilling  moments. This very lively concert came to the end with the fast intricate jhala climaxing at a very fast tempo.

A beautifully masterly sung ' Dhundu bare sainya" the well known bandish in raga Nand brought the beginning of the concluding item of the festival by pandita Padma Talwalkar, the senior most, and  one of the most well known  vocalist of Pune which  was followed by "dhan dhan baghya" with some fast intricate taans. she went on to sing raga Gaud Malhar in which she sang two compositions. This memorable festival  came to an end with a befitting avang by her in raga Bharavi.  

New Age Foundation,a Pune based organisation holding classical music events uninterrupted over the last 8 years thrice a year showcasing thematic presentations named CHIRANTAN held during the beginning of the year coinciding with the birthday of the late pt. MALLIKARJUN MANSUR , ARPAN, showcased in September middle  a two evening concert  series celebrating the death anniversary of the pandit .


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